Things To Do In The South Okanagan!

With the cost of almost everything on the rise and the arrival of the beautiful weather, why not consider a Staycation this Summer?

We at RE/MAX are biased about our domiciles and tend to favour them over all other things.

Remember the last time you vacation with the family? Everyone had a wonderful time but the last few days…were you ready to go home? Upon entering your home did you joyfully sigh and say it’s great to be home!

So why leave? Or Why Go Far Away?

Consider these fun staycation ideas to help your family make the most of this Summer.

  1. Camping – Nothing matches the experience of spending most of our days outside in the fresh air. Remember, you do not have to go far or for very long, even a weekend will feel like a relaxing getaway. For short trips, consider keeping it simple, plan meals and activities in advance to ensure that you have what you need and alternatively don’t pack what you don’t need.

  2. Back Yard Movie Night – Everyone loves a tricked-out backyard movie night! Comfort is the name of the game. If you do not have outdoor couches or an outdoor seating area, consider bringing those cozy couches outside for the night. String lighting, blankets, intermission featuring – popcorn with flavoured topping station and personalized bowls or make your own sundae’s.

  3. Picnic For Lunch or Dinner – What’s so wonderful about a picnic is the way being outdoors stimulates your appetite. Picnic musts – Blanket/pillow, delicious cheeses, wine, meats, breads/crackers, fruit and a refreshment. Don’t forget to pack the deck of cards, book/magazine, Frisbee/Kite and to surprise the crew with some delicious sweet treat such as their favourite pastry or cake.

  4. Bike The KV R Trail, which used to be the route of the former Kettle Valley Railway along Okanagan Lake. The railroad was decommissioned and repurposed as a recreational trail which is enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and visitors.

  5. Hiking Challenge – Let each member of the family select a local hike and be the guide. The Guide should know the difficulty level and length of the hike as well as be in charge of explaining the local flora and fauna along the way.

  6. Weekend Getaway or Road Trip – Consider exploring your own area from the perspective of a tourist by foot. If your schedule allows, save money by booking during the week!

  7. No one is Bored on Board Game Night – Jazz Up your families board game night by taking it outside or inviting another family or neighbour. Best Night Tips – ensure that there is enough games for everyone to play, have your space and games set up beforehand, allow participants to customize their game pieces, background music is nice and don’t forget the staggered snacks – salty, drink, sweet.

  8. Just Beach It – The South Okanagan boasts the most beautiful lakes and beaches! Consider day-tipping to a different beach. Click here for RE/MAX’s Hot Beach List!

  9. Stargazing Night –– Plan ahead, get a telescope and check the weather forecast. In the South Okanagan you are most likely already away from the city lights. Learn your constellations and asterisms and get help by using a stargazing app.

  10. Wine Touring – The South Okanagan has amazing, award-winning wineries and wine experiences. Do your research, find the one that suits your style and budget and enjoy. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some artisan cheeseries along the way!

Wishing you and yours a very warm and wonderful staycation this June.

RE/MAX in the South Okanagan

Deborah Moore

Broker Owner