Now more than ever, home has become the perfect place for families to stretch their budget. If your crew is like ours, everyone is always itching to go out and do something, but as we walk in the door everyone chants in unison…

“Thank goodness, we are home!”

That’s because it’s good at home.


Let us share our favourite ways to make the most of our home this winter season, while keeping an eye on our household budget.


Consider what you spend on entertainment and snacks and drinks on the go.

HOME Hack – Set up your own coffee/drink station and just like hitting the washroom before you go everyone must hit the drink station.


Alternate movie nights with another family..

HOME Hack – Have fun with it and throw blankets and pillows on the floor.

Do your Intermission with Style and feature your own hot-buttered pop corn, toppings bar, refreshments and more. Have fun with it and have the kids decorate their own popcorn bowls.


Invite another family for a hike and a back-yard fire!

HOME Hack – Get out the lawn chairs, extra blankets, roast some marshmallows or hot dogs on a stick.

Set up a Hot Dog Bun Bar full with toppings such as hot chili, sprinkle cheese, grilled veg and condiments.

If getting your crew to put down their devices and converse as a family is your goal this year.

HOME Hack – Get those board games out of the closet and have a each family member select a game for weekly game night.


Doing a puzzle together as a family is another way to pass the time during cold winters.

Get everyone involved from picking out the puzzle to where it will be set up for all to view.

Puzzle play encourages team work, and helps little ones develop and strengthen concentration skills and patience.

Glue and mount your families creation with pride!


In the kitchen is another way our clients enjoy and make the lost of their home.

HOME Hack – Going meatless 2-3 nights a week will not only help your budget but also our planet.

Serving a flavourful soup made from vegetables with toasted bread and salad is a healthy and hearty meal in the winter.

Get the kids involved in meal planning and execution. Challenge them to find one pot wonders or recipes with at hand ingredients. We hope that our 3 favourite soup and meatless dinner recipes below will inspire you!

Check them all our at

Happy New Year!