The fall is a perfect time to switch things up at home.The seasons are changing as is our families needs for function in our home interiors.RE/MAX knows that you want your home’s interior to look beautiful,but our clients need it to function above all else.Consider these home function and design trends to assist you and your crew in flipping the season, and getting ready to cozy in because there is after place like home!

Let us start at the beginning shall we, of course we are talking about your entry way. For many of our clients this is off the garage and sometimes doubles as a laundry area. This is where they endeavour to create a planned storage centre with seating. Everyone needs an area, and everything needs a place.

Kitchen areas often double as after school study areas and must be set-up with storage and convenience in mind. Set aside a drawer or cupboard to store regularly used study items such as pencils, pens, paper, erasers, markers, and craft items. It is handy to assemble all of your items in a pile and then search for the appropriate size containers to hold all and smaller containers to hold smaller items separately.

Home storage is vital to keeping a semblance of order for many of our client's families. Consider these 5 often over-looked areas.

Under the stairs can be utilized to hide dog beds, store holiday décor and much more. Consider filling in the empty space underneath a staircase with a guest bath, coat closet or seasonal storage closet. Can you say hide the full-size xmas tree!

Under the bed is perfect place for a pull out drawer to store extra shoes, sports equipment or off-season clothes. We love hiding useful items behind doors such as children's books, spices in kitchen and ready to go gift-wrapping station - genius! Display your wine stash on a wall and use that cabinet for something else. Build an open concept closet with shelf in a room without one.

Your back splash can be used to hang commonly used items.

As things tend to be cooler in the mornings and evenings don't forget to have a wicker basket filled with cozy throws stored beside your couch. Velour is all the rage so perk up your place by acquiring a velour piece in a vibrant colour to add some texture and style to your digs.

Love where you live!

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable fall!

RE/MAX in the South Okanagan

Deborah Moore

Broker Owner