Your home is a reflection of you, and having this space should make you happy! Having a space that reflects who you are, impacts many aspects of your life with designs and furniture that you love is more import than most people think. 


1. Keep spaces organized – clutter creates a cluttered mind, and causes stress and feeling overwhelmed

2. Use colours that make you happy! Happy colours keep that mood positive.

3. Add plants or bring home fresh flowers. What doesn’t brighten your day more than the smell of flowers or seeing new blooms on a plant?

4. Let that sunshine in! Natural light is guaranteed to lift your mood.

5. Don’t keep things that don’t make you happy!

6. Stay up to date – make efforts to update a piece of your home regularly. Whether it be a new tap, new appliance or a full room makeover. Just as you change your style of clothes with changes to the weather or age, so should your home!


You deserve to LOVE your home!