Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

Even though it may feel a little chillier than normal, don’t be fooled the Spring Real Estate Market has already begun. If you are thinking of selling your home this spring, consider these tips to help set your home or condominium, apart from the competition.

1) Bring in your RE/MAX Agent Early

Don’t wait to bring in your RE/MAX Agent, even if you plan to do a few things to make your home sparkle before you go to market. RE/MAX Agents have the pulse of today’s buyers, and they can advise you as to what is important to them so that you can showcase that feature. Additionally, they have most likely stood in the homes that are for sale now – (your competition) and they can give you great advice on ways to set your home apart. RE/MAX Agents are also trained to be staging, decluttering experts who can give information on ROI (Return On Investment) for each home improvement repair that you are contemplating, thereby helping you focus your energies on what really matters.

2) Let’s Make It Sparkle

If you are looking for the secret sauce to get your property noticed by home buyers this spring you may wish to consider that nothing is as pleasing to a home or condominium buyer as a bright, clean, well kept, decluttered space that has updated elements to it. So, let’s break that down.

Bright – Take a look at your windows and lighting in key areas. Decorative lighting has become more common, and today’s buyers expect a little jewelry. To stand out, consider updating the mirror in your bathroom to a touch/light-up mirror or updating a statement light fixture. Wash your windows inside and out as it is surprising how much grime accumulates from the winter seaso and interior dirt such as cooking oils and dust in the air.

Clean – Buyers expect bathrooms and kitchens to sparkle. Check these 2 rooms for any signs of disrepair or to look for an opportunity to update an element in them such as a faucet. Walls, baseboards, doors and cabinets must be wiped clean. It was a good thing that you already cleaned your windows because you know that home buyers will walk over to almost every window and look out at the view.

Well kept – means repairs have been made. If the front door handle needs repair or the counter top in the kitchen has a large burn or stain, consider repairing or replacing these items. Hot water tanks that are older than 10 years create problems for real estate transactions because the buyers insurance company will often not insure properties with older hot water tanks in them as they are one of the main sources of water damage in homes and condominium buildings.

Decluttered - Your treasures are just that, yours ;) Extra boxes and over-flowing linen or clothes closets suggest to buyers that your home or condominium does not have enough storage. Perhaps the property is not the problem…no offense. If storage is an issue for you, consider renting a storage locker and packing up what you can now, so that your home or condominium is uncluttered allowing buyers to actually see the space available to them which helps them visualize their “stuff” in your property, this is a common buying step. Buyers will have difficulty envisioning themselves and their “stuff” when they are distracted by your “stuff”.

Updated Elements – Think updated counters, tile, light fixtures, flooring, gas fireplace or even a front-door. Buyers love when certain elements have been updated and they walk through a home or condominium they are considering buying and there are special updated elements and certain things have already been done for them.

Stand Out Tip - Who doesn’t like a cool new elongated rectangular, gas fireplace with sleek modern hearth and built-ins for games in their family room?

3) Pre-List Checklist

Your RE/MAX Agent knows what is coming and one of their jobs is to prepare you so that you know what to expect and therefore can make educated decisions without pressure. They will often discuss the process with you, review all of the paperwork required, which includes making a Property Disclosure Statement which is a statement of the condition of your property. They may even recommend getting a pre-listing home inspection of your home or condominium, BEFORE you go to market. The rationale for pre-list inspections is that it is better that the Seller and their RE/MAX Agent discover something than a buyer with an offer in place, therefore, giving the Seller the option to make any required repair BEFORE going to market.

The inspector will identify minor and major components of your property that may be nearing the end of their useful life which for simplicity’s sake we will call deficiencies. Buyers often discover and use these identified deficiencies to renegotiate the already negotiated purchase price of your property, and your RE/MAX Agent wants you to avoid that.

Now that we have a home selling plan in place, your RE/MAX Agent will want to discuss your home relocation plan with you.
If you are selling your home or condominium, where will you be moving to? This is all part of your plan that your Agent will assist you with.
Helping our clients from start to finish is what RE/MAX Agents do.
The fact that you already have a place to move to or need to find one are all big components of your home selling and buying plan.

Now that we have a plan, your property is Spring Market Ready and your RE/MAX Agent has all of your professional photographs and marketing materials in the ready, you can sit back and relax because you have Canada’s #1 Negotiators working for you!
We assist our clients in strategically positioning themselves so that they can maximize the returns on what is often our client’s largest financial asset.

Happy Spring!
RE/MAX in The South Okanagan