Penticton Gardens

Penticton is nicely decorated with a lot of beautiful gardens that are breathtaking. If you plan on visiting Penticton, you should take some time to tour the beautiful gardens of Penticton. We are going to be focusing on the four major ones.

Ikeda Japanese Garden

Do you seek some peace and serenity? Then the Ikeda Japanese Garden is where you need to be. The overall setting and outlook of this garden make it feel like heaven. Its history goes far back to 1975 when residents of Penticton British Columbia traveled to Japan in a bid to look for business opportunities. In 1977, a sister relationship was established between Penticton and a town in Japan called Ikeda, located in the Nakagawa district of Tokachi in Hokkaido. This sister relationship was proposed by the mayor of the town based on their similarities in the cattle industry, geographic features, and winery production. In honor of this alliance, the idea of constructing a Japanese garden was conceived in 1992, and the construction commenced in 1997. Today, the garden is located at Okanagan Lake, along the Penticton waterfront and it offers so many captivating, soul-soothing features that include a large pond with massive koi fish in it. Some other features found here are:

  • A variety of beautiful flowers
  • Garden beds with different species of Japanese plants
  • A nicely paved pathway
  • A small stream
  • And some sitting areas close to the art gallery

The best time of the year to savor the beauty of the garden at its peak is in April or May when the flowers come out to bloom.

Penticton Rose Garden

This garden is found at the shore of Okanagan Lake, next to the SS Sicamous stern wheeler filled with an array of beautiful roses. It provides a perfect setting for photo taking and ceremonies such as weddings in which several weddings have taken place there. it also contains a gazebo where you can relax and hide from the sun. The roses are usually in bloom during summer. It is surely a place to visit to set your day right!

Penticton Community Gardens

Located near Okanagan Lake on Vancouver hill, Penticton’s only official community garden has 51 raised bed garden plots. This garden is run by the Penticton community garden society, a non-profit group that educates on:

  • Succession planting
  • High-density planting
  • Winter growing
  • Preservation techniques
  • And nurturing healthy soils


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