Penticton Parks

There are so many lovely parks in the city of Penticton,   and they are mostly located close to the beaches and lake. They are definitely places you want to visit during summer times. Let’s have a peep at some of these beautiful parks.

Lackawanna Park

Lackawanna Park is located at the north end of Penticton, across Okanagan beach. It is a very popular place to visit during the summer months and it offers some amazing features such as a tennis court, water spray features, a set of swings, and a playground for children. It is beautifully decorated by a large grass lawn, with benches and picnic tables arranged strategically. There is an opportunity to view the lake while seated on the benches. It also contains a paved walking path and a steam train in the playground. This is a great recreational center to have a wonderful time with family and friends.

Discovery Park

It is the right place to be, especially for kids. It is a natural playground; it incorporates some elements of nature into play equipment. It encourages the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of children as it provides room for them to use their imagination. It contains features such as:

  • Interactive water feature
  • Boulders coupled with ropes create a climbing feature
  • Earth berm slides
  • Musical instruments
  • Balancing logs

The Park was built by the South Okanagan Children’s Charity in partnership with other organizations, and contributions from Penticton City. It is located at Skaha lake on Parkview Street.

Skaha Lake Park

Located also at Skaha Lake Road, Parkview Street, the long-term east plan of this park was approved by the Penticton city council on September 7, 2021, after a review that lasted for 2 years. According to Chatelaine Magazine, Skaha Lake Park was named one of Canada’s top beaches. This 21-acre park is the perfect spot for uninterrupted fun as it offers numerous avenues for fun such as the opportunity to swim in the warm waters of Skaha Lake, ballcourts, firepits, playgrounds, and a splash park for kids. It has lots of trees and grassy areas that provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful views across the lake while being protected from the sun. some other features include picnic tables, lots of benches, paved paths, free parking, and bathrooms. Another added advantage to this lovely park is that it is open all year round.


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