Wineries in Penticton

It makes perfect sense why Penticton is a city known for producing one of the best-tasting wines in the world as it got the perfect climate that is required for growing fruits. For this reason, there are several different remarkable wineries found here.

Penticton in British Columbia is notably known for growing grapes as it has favorable climate conditions that allow the grapes to keep their natural acidity alive, which is one of the reasons why Penticton’s wines stand out. There are over 80 wineries in Penticton and here are some of the city’s finest wineries.

Painted Rock Estate Winery

This winery is just divine! It came into existence in 2005 through the vision of John and Trish Skinner who had a passion for wine and owning a legacy family business. They wanted to grow exceptional grapes that would produce ultra-premium Okanagan wines.

The winery sits on 56-acre land with about 27 acres used as a vineyard. The vineyard is filled with Bordeaux red, Syrah, and chardonnay, each variety having multiple clones.

What is most satisfying is that John and Trish’s dream of making Painted Rock Estate Winery a legacy family business is coming true. But more interestingly, Painted Rock won the 2018/2019 “winery of the year” InterVin International award.

It is located at 1525 Randolph Road, and its wine can either be bought directly from the winery or private retailers.

Pentage Winery

Located at 4551 Valley View Road and overlooking Skaha lake, Pentage Winery is a multiple-awarding boutique winery set on 23-acre land and is committed to excellence. The vineyard is located at 4400 Lakeside Road, on a 15-acre land and it consists mostly of Pinot Gris and different varieties of grapes. It was planted in 1996 by Paul Gardner and Julie Rennie through hard work.

They believe in low-yield cultivation which produces top-quality grapes that are essential for premium and hand-crafted wines. They offer wine club membership and also have a picnic area alongside their vineyard so people would have the best experience while having a taste of their wine. They’ve also got their product online.

Hillside winery

Hillside Winery is the most beautiful of the wineries in Penticton and offers hand-crafted wine that comes exclusively from Naramata-grown grapes. The winery features a Bistro with a 65-seating area along with an outdoor patio. It also features a lovely courtyard and a farmhouse-style tasting room. Apart from the fact that they offer both indoor and outdoor tasting, visitors can book tastings in advance.


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